The Enviro-Timer will reduce your food warmer energy usage by 71% per year

Money making is a serious business. Anyone can deliver an up-front saving. But we deliver product that makes you fast and easy money, year after year.

Because we’re passionate designers, who anticipate what you need.

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The Enviro-Timer reduces your food warmer energy usage by programmably reducing operation time. The Enviro-Timer will reduce your energy usage by 71% every year.

You input your project numbers,
and we output your savings

Number of Rooms

Energy Rate ($/kW/hr)


Average energy costs (kW/h)

USA / $0.12 | UK / $0.20 | UAE / $0.10 |
HK / $0.13 | AU / $0.22


1 year

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

Return On Investment (ROI) over 5 years

Equates to;

Energy reduction savings every year from regulating power required to heat food warmers

Yearly carbon (C02) footprint reduction

Yearly carbon (C02) footprint reduction