Each Cross Cube table will
save you $2,600 per year

Money making is a serious business. Anyone can deliver an up-front saving. But we deliver product that makes you fast and easy money, year after year.

Because we’re passionate designers, who anticipate what you need.

Because we understand your problems, and therefore focus on their solutions.

Because we’re creative thinkers, who want to improve your world

The Cross Cube buffet table is 5 x faster to operate than any other. Each Cross Cube table will save you $2600 every year.

You input your project numbers,
and we output your savings

Number of Tables

Number of Events (times/wk)

Number of Events (weeks/yr)

Linen Rental ($/table)

Operator Salary ($/hour)


1 year

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

Return On Investment (ROI) over 5 years

Equates to;

Savings every year from labor required to set-up & knock-down tables, and dress with linen.

Savings every year as the result of re-purchase cycles.

Savings every year from the elimination of linen rental.